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Easter Egg Soaps

This soap is festive and fun to make for all involved! Here is what you’ll need to make 3 of these soaps:

4 x .15 cc scoops of Cotton Candy Mica
4 x .15 cc scoops of Blue Pearl Mica
2 x .15 cc scoops of Pearly White Mica
Denatured Alcohol for spritzing
Fragrance Oil of your choice


   1. Prepare your work area. You’ll need at least one glass measuring cup or microwaveable container and smaller containers for the different colours of Melt and Pour, and a large clean workspace lined with newspaper or paper towel.  

   2. Start by melting an ounce of melt and pour and colouring it your choice of colour. Take your soap injector (we recommend cutting the tip of it so the opening is about 2 mm wide) and suck up some of the coloured soap. Squirt the soap very gently into the recessed dots and squiggles in the mold, being careful not to push down on the plunger too hard. Keep a glass of hot water handy in case the soap starts to solidify in the injector and to rinse it out in between colours. If you have any bubbles forming on the tops, spritz the mold with denatured alcohol.

   4. Melt other ¾ oz batches of soap and colour it your choice of colour. Repeat the soap injections until you have coloured all the dots and squiggles with different colours, giving the layers a couple minutes to cool.

   5. Melt the rest of your soap into 3 equal batches and colour your choice of colours. Add your fragrance and stir well, then you’ll need to pour this soap at as low of a temperature as possible so the coloured dots do not melt and bleed into soap. Stir the melt and pour frequently to cool it off, pouring just before it starts to solidify. Spritz the coloured dots with denatured alcohol before pouring the solid colour of melt and pour soap to help the layers adhere.

   6. Wait 12-24 hours then gently de-mold your soaps. If you find they are sticking, place the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes before trying again.

And there you have it, colourful and festive Easter Soaps!