Botanical Bubble Bath

Makes four 8 oz. bottles


This bubble

bath recipe contains mild plant-derived cleansing and foaming ingredients, along with powerful hydrating proteins that penetrate the skin, adding softness and helping it to retain moisture.

Choose your own fragrance or essential oil to create the perfect bathing experience.



55% Warm Water
616 grams
Steol CA230 Surfactant 224 grams
10% Amphosol CG Surfactant 112 grams
10% Decyl Glucoside Surfactant 112 grams
1.5% Glycerin 17 grams
0.75% Cromoist Oat Protein 8 grams
0.5% Silk Amino Acids 6 grams
1% Polysorbate 20 12 grams
0.5% Fragrance or Essential Oil 6 grams
Drops of citric acid solution or AHA to lower pH
0.75% Optiphen Plus Preservative 8 grams
Salt to thicken as desired (approx. 25 grams)
Colour as desired
pH test strips



Measure out the water and then add the surfactants and moisturizers.
2. Add warm water and stir gently until fully combined.
3. In a separate small cup, mix together Polysorbate 20 and fragrance or essential oil. Add to rest of ingredients.
4. Using a citric acid solution (citric acid dissolved in water) or AHA, add drops at a time until pH is lowered to around pH 6.
5. Add Optiphen Plus preservative and stir to combine.
6. Add colour if desired.We recommend liquid Labcolors by drops.
7. To thicken, slowly add a little bit of salt with gentle stirring until the bubble bath reaches desired viscosity.
8. Pour into bottles.

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