Oil Free Liquid Foundation Recipe

This oil free foundation is nourishing for the skin due to the combination of natural skin conditioners, soy protein, Vitamin B5, and botanical extracts. Its natural ingredients and fine minerals will not clog pores and gives excellent coverage without streaking or caking.

This recipe makes 320 grams of oil free liquid foundation.


 6%  Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50  19 grams
 4%  Glycerin  13 grams
 2%  Cetyl Alcohol  6 grams
 0.2%  Green Tea Extract Powder  (1 small spoon)
 0.2%  Chamomile Extract Powder  (1 small spoon)
 0.2%  Strawberry Extract Powder  (1 small spoon)
 1%  Phytokeratin Protein Blend
 3 grams
 0.4%  Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5  1 gram or ¼ tsp.
 82.5%  Water – Boiling  264 grams
 3%  Ronasphere LDP  10 grams
 1%  Sericite  3 grams
 0.5%  Germall Plus Preservative  1 gram or ¼ tsp.

How to make the cosmetic foundation base:
1. Combine all ingredients except Germall Plus and Ronasphere into a measuring cup or bowl.
2. Whisk the mixture to ensure even emulsion.
3. Once emulsion has started to cool, add Ronasphere and whisk to fully combine until no clumps remain.
4. Once product has reached 40 degrees Celsius, add Germall Plus Preservative.

How to make the colour mixture for your foundation:
1. In a small zip-lock bag combine 12 grams of Water Soluble Titanium Dioxide together with your colour formula of micas and pigments.
2. Close zip-lock bag and squish to combine fully. This will take some time to ensure all pigments have been evenly distributed throughout the other ingredients and no clumps remain.
3. Add colour mixture to foundation and whisk until fully combined and smooth with no clumps remaining.
4. Spoon into a zip-lock bag, cut off tip, and pipe into bottles with treatment pumps.

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