Pure Moisture Solid Lip Gloss Recipe

Makes 100 grams of lip gloss base

A great recipe for making your own solid lip gloss, using natural ingredients that are super moisturizing for your lucky lips. Add your choice of mica or pigment to give your lip gloss the perfect tint of colour, or make a whole variety of different shades to suit your moods!

Solid lip gloss ingredients:
10% - 10 grams Beeswax Pastilles - White
10% - 10 grams Carnauba Wax
10% - 10 grams Shea Nut Butter Refined
62% - 62 grams Castor Oil Cosmetic
7% - 7 grams Jojoba Clear
1% - 1 gram Vitamin E Antioxidant Blend
Mica or pigment blend

Instructions to make solid lip gloss:
1. Combine all ingredients into a measuring cup or pot and melt together.
2. For each Clear Hinged Compact & ¼ oz Slider Tin: Take 10 grams of melted Solid Lip Gloss Base into a mini mixing cup, and stir in 2 or more .15cc spoons of colour blend until fully combined and desired shade is reached.
3. Apply additional heat to remelt if required and then pour into containers.

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