Revitalizing Facial Treatment Cream Recipe

Makes 580 grams

This specialty treatment is designed to help fight the signs of aging while delivering important nutrients and moisture to the skin. It contains sal butter; reputed to have anti-wrinkle effects, pomegranate oil; helps promote new cell generation, and multifruit extract; a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids to slough away dead skin cells. This product is light enough to be worn as a day or night cream.


         Part A
7%     Polawax                                           41 grams
4%     Stearic Acid                                      23 grams
5%     Apricot Kernel Oil                                29 grams
2%     Pomegranate Oil                                12 grams
2%     Glycerin                                        &nbsp 12 grams

1%     Sal Butter                                        6 grams

Part B
74%   Water (Boiling Hot)                           &nbsp 430 grams

Part C
2%   Multifruit Extract                                  12 grams
1%   Phytokeratin                                         6 grams
0.5%  Panthenol                                           3 grams
0.5%  Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopherol                  3 grams
1%   Optiphen Plus Preservative                      6 grams

1. Measure out Part A into a microwave safe bowl and mix.
2. Slowly pour Part B into Part A, gently stirring to combine all ingredients. Continue stirring until all emulsifiers have melted and no solid flakes remain. Additional heating may be required.
3. Continue stirring every few minutes to ensure even cooling and emulsion.
4. Once product has reached below 45’ degrees add all of Part C.
5. Add fragrance oil or essential oil to desired scent level.
6. Stir well to ensure all ingredients are evenly dispersed, then package the product into bottles once it has cooled to be barely warm to the touch.
7. Product will not reach final thickness until completely cool.

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