Sea Buckthorn Deep Conditioner

550 grams – Makes a little over 2 - 8 oz. Jars






This ultra-nourishing conditioner combines the healing properties of Sea Buckthorn oil, Hemp Seed oil, and Evening Primrose oil to create a luxurious deep conditioner that repairs as it moisturizes the hair.

Part A

8%         Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50         48 grams

2%         Cetearyl Alcohol                       12 grams

2%         Glycerin 99.5 USP                     12 grams

2%         Sea Buckthorn Oil                    12 grams

2%         Hemp Seed Oil                          12 grams

2%         Evening Primrose Oil                12 grams







Part B

75%        Water (Boiling Hot)                 410 grams







Part C

3%         Dimethicone 350 c.s.                 18 grams

1%         Vital Hair & Scalp Complex           6 grams

1%         Phytokeratin Protein Blend           6 grams

1%         Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5             6 grams

1%         Optiphen Plus Preservative           6 grams




Fragrance or Essential Oil to desired fragrance           








1. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine all of Part A. Add Part B and stir to fully combine and ensure all of the Incroquat TMS-50 and Cetearyl Alcohol Flakes are melted in. Additional heating may be required.

2. Continue stirring to ensure even cooling and emulsion. Once product drops below 45’ Celsius, add all of Part C, plus any fragrance oil or essential oil for scent. Stir to fully combine and make sure all ingredients are well dispersed.

3. Once completely cool, package into jars. 
This product is naturally yellow in colour due to the deep ruby hue of the sea buckthorn oil. There is the potential that it may be absorbed by light coloured hair, so if you are making this product for someone with blonde hair and are concerned about that feel free to substitute another oil in it's place, such as Jojoba Oil . We all love the sunny yellow colour, but if you'd like to minimize it you can add Water Soluble Titanium Dioxide to the formula to lighten the tone of the finished product.

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