Silky Skin Smoothing Lotion

 Makes 600 grams


This lotion is creamy and ultra-moisturizing and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Part A


5%     Polawax                           30 grams



3%     Cetearyl Alcohol                18 grams



3%     Aloe Vera Extract             18 grams



6.5%   Apricot Kernel Oil             39 grams



5%     Sweet Almond Oil              30 grams



2.5%   Calendula Oil                  15 grams



2.5%   Glycerin                          15 grams






Part B



71%  Water – Boiling Hot           426 grams






Part C



0.5%  Silk Amino Acids                  3 grams



1%   Optiphen Plus Preservative   6 grams





1.  Measure out Part A into a microwave-safe bowl/measuring cup and stir to mix.
2.  Slowly pour Part B into Part A and gently stir to mix and fully combine all ingredients. Continue stirring until all the emulsifiers have melted in and no little flakes remain. Use additional heating if required.
3.  Continue to stir occasionally to ensure even cooling and emulsion.
4.  Once product has reached below 45’ Celsius add all of Part C.
6.  Package into bottles when fully cooled.
7.  Product will not reach final thickness until fully cooled.
To Use:
As a body lotion - a little will go a long way, and leave skin feeling silky, not greasy.

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