Ultimate Whip Skin Cream Recipe

570 gram batch size


The ultimate whip skin cream recipe packed with several rich natural butters, specialty oils, and plant proteins, providing a variety of nourishing and moisturizing skin care benefits.




Part A


7.0%             Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50            40 grams



4.0%             Stearic Acid                                23 grams



3.5%             Shea Butter Refined / Organic       20 grams



5.0%             Sunflower Oil                              29 grams



4.0%             Grapeseed Oil                             23 grams



2.0%             Cocoa Butter / Organic                 11 grams



2.0%             Glycerin                                      11 grams



1.0%             Calendula Oil                               6 grams



1.0%             Rosehip Oil                                  6 grams



1.0%             Aloe Vera Extract                          6 grams









Part B

67.0%           Water (Boiling Hot)                       382 grams







Part C

1.0%             Dimethicone                                 6 grams



0.5%             Phytokeratin                                 3 grams



1.0%             Optiphen Plus Preservative             6 grams










1. In a microwave-safe bowl, mix together all of Part A.
2. Add Part B and stir slowly to fully combine all ingredients. Ensure that all of the emulsifier has been fully melted in and combined. Additional heating may be required.
3. Continue to stir occasionally to ensure even cooling and emulsion.
4. Once product has cooled to below 45’ Celsius, add all of Part C and stir to combine.
5. Package into jars. Cream will reach final thickness when fully cooled.

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