14 ml Fine Mist Powder Sprayer

14 ml Fine Mist Powder Sprayer

We love these 14 ml Fine Mist Powder Sprayers as they are the perfect way to spray products such as micas, glitters and dry powders onto a variety of DIY projects. These powder sprayers are easy to use and are a great way to create pencil lines in soap and add a spritz of colour to products like soap, bath bombs and other personal care products!


Product Details:

  • Powder Sprayer
  • Fine Mist Powder Sprayer
  • Container Size: 14 ml (0.47 oz.)
  • The perfect way to spray dry powders, glitter and micas on to products
  • Set Comes Complete with Bottle and Spray Top

The Perfect Tool for use with a Wide Range of Products

  • Decorating Melt & Pour Soap, Cold Process Soap & Hot Process Soap
  • Creating Pencil Lines on Soap Bars
  • Decorating Bath Bombs & Bath Fizzies
  • Adding colourants to Creams, Lotions & other Personal Care Products

Technical Information:

  • Length & Diameter: 1”
  • Height: 3.375”
  • Fine Mist Powder Sprayer
  • Perfect for Spritzing Dry Powders, Micas & Glitters
  • Not Recommended for Use with Pigments, Iron Oxides and Other Heavier Particulates
  • Not Recommended for Spraying Liquid Based Products


  • Place your chosen ingredient such as a Dry Powder, Mica or Glitter into the bottle of the powder sprayer. We do not recommend using pigments, iron oxides and other powders that exceed a particle size of 0.008”
  • Screw the Top onto the Bottle and Remove the Protective Cap
  • Point the nozzle towards your product and press down on the nozzle to spray and disperse the powder
  • Due to the powder becoming airborne, we always recommend protecting surfaces where you will spray and taking proper precautions such as wearing a face mask
  • To ensure a constant spray can be maintained with repeat use we recommend giving the bottle a light shake or tap on a surface like a table to ensure no particles from prior use are still in the spray chamber
  • If you want to re-use the powder sprayer with a different colourant, we recommend always ensuring that the spray chamber is fully dry as any left-over moisture could cause the powder to clump. As such, a more effective way to clean the sprayer may be with a can of compressed air that possesses a long nozzle.

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