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Glue Dots Candle Dots 120 pack

Candle Glue Dots - 120 pc.

These are a must for candle makers! Commonly referred to by candle makers as wick stickers, these adhesive dots hold your prepared wick in place at the bottom of your candle container, helping keep it secure while your wax is poured and sets. 

Glue Dots Brand Adhesives for candles are high quality pressure sensitive dots engineered specifically for candle making application. Candle Dots® create a super strong, instant bond to secure wick tabs in jars and containers while wax hardens. Candle Dots® are a faster, safer and cleaner alternative to hot glue systems.


Product Details:

  • Perforated Sheets | Easy to Share
  • Glue Strength - Super-Strength
  • Adhesive Size - 5/8"
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Commonly referred to as Wick Stickers
  • Resealable Bag | Easy to Store
  • Clear Liner | Precise Placement
  • Acid Free | Photo Safe
  • Non Toxic | Kid Friendly
  • Mess Free | Instant Bond
  • Great adhesive not just for Candle Making

To use simply press the bottom of your prepared wick sustainer base against the glue dot and then peel the glue dot away from the liner.  Place the prepared wick inside your candle container, pressing down to secure in place. 

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