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5 oz Reverse Tapered Round Candle Glass

The exquisite design of the 5 oz Reverse Tapered Round Candle Glass makes it the perfect glass container for candle making. The gorgeous quality of this glass jar combined with its sleek design makes it a multi use container perfect for showing off your candle making creativity in a home, retail or spa setting. Also works great for packaging and displaying products such as party favours, edible creations and a wide variety of personal care products!

Product Details

Material: Clear Glass

Perfect for a Variety of Products Including


Party Favours

Body Care Products

Product Packaging

Edible Creations

Height: 2-3/4”

Diameter: 2.5”

Base: 1-3/4”

Top: 2.5”

Weight Per Jar with Lid: 105 grams

Wicks Tested: RRD 34 Wick, HTP 104 Wick

  • Please note that this wick information is only provided to serve as a starting point for making your own candles as choosing the correct type and size of wick is one of the most important steps to a great burning candle. A number of variables including wax type, fragrance level, dye and style of container are all factors that can affect how a candle will burn. Therefore, we always recommend that you individually test a candle before manufacturing several to ensure that you have chosen the correct wick for your candle.

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