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Matte Brown Liquid Pigment

The Matte Brown Liquid Pigment is the perfect liquid colourant for your Melt & Pour Soap projects! This Brown Liquid Pigment produces a vibrant brown colour in Clear Melt and Pour Soap, while in White Melt and Pour Soap it produces a beautiful pastel tan colour. This matte liquid pigment can also be used in products such as cold process soap and much more!

Product Details

Country of Origin: United States

Colour: Produces a vibrant brown color in clear melt & pour soap base. A pastel tan color is produced in opaque or white melt & pour soap base.

Physical Form: Brown Liquid

Approved Cosmetic Uses and Test Results:

  • General: Yes
  • Bath Water: Yes
  • Eye Products: No
  • Lip Products: No
  • Nails: No
  • UV Fade: No
  • Mixes In: Water
  • Migrates: No
  • pH Changes: No
  • Finish: Matte

INCI: Glycerin, Iron Oxides

Directions: Always remember to stir this colourant well. Using a plastic dropper, add the color to your base drop-by-drop. Use the amount as desired. When you add more drops it will produce a darker color. You will know you have used too much color if your soap bubbles are not white. Adding this color to white soap will produce a pastel colored bar of soap.

Product pH: Color will not change in products with a high pH.

Colour Fading: This color is not light sensitive.

Colour Migration: If product design has layered colors, this color will not migrate or "bleed" between layers.

Storage: Store in an airtight, room temperature location. When stored properly, best used within 1 year from date of purchase.

Caution: Not approved for eye, lip or nail products. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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