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Perfume Book

Perfume Book

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At a time when advertising bombards us with the hard sell for the latest celebrity perfumes, fragrance expert Karen Gilbert shows how to create and blend your very own signature scent.

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Perfume: The Art and Craft of Fragrance introduces us to the psychology of smell and explains how fragrance can influence our moods and behavior, and gives a brief overview of perfume through the ages. A key chapter teaches you how to train your nose to recognize the five different fragrance families (floral, oriental, citrus, chypre, fougère), and how to identify the top, middle, and base notes of a perfume. Once you have understood the basics of how to build a fragrance, learn how to layer scents by creating perfume oils, sprays, and solids, plus scented bath and body products and home fragrance sprays from the easy step-by-step recipes.

Technical Information

Title: Perfume: The art and craft of fragrance

Author: Karen Gilbert

Publisher: Cico Books

Publication Date: 10/10/2017

Page Count: 144 pages

ISBN-10: #1782495266

ISBN-13: #978-1782495260

Product Dimensions: 16.51cm x 1.52cm x 18.54cm

Product Weight: 436 grams

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