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Pure Skin Care Book

Pure Skin Care Book

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Enliven the body and tap into the full force of female energy with these natural recipes for total body decadence, including Rose’s Lustrous Lakshmi hair mask, Revitalizing Body Scrub, and Nourishing Face Oil, each made from everyday household ingredients.

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In Pure Skin Care, best-selling author and long-time formulator of natural products Stephanie L. Tourles shares her 78 all-time favorite recipes for facial cleansers and scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and steams, along with creams, balms, and exfoliants for the entire body, all formulated to meet the most up-to-date green beauty standards. Readers will find specialized formulas for feet, hands, and sun protection, along with instructions for customizing recipes for particular skin types and easy-to-make treatments for common skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and wrinkles. This book features soothing, pampering, healing, and restorative formulas for all ages and needs.

Technical Information

Title: Pure Skin Care: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Skin & Natural Beauty

Author: Stephanie L. Tourles

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: 09/18/2018

Page Count: 256 pages

ISBN-10: #1635860504

ISBN-13: #978-1635860504

Product Dimensions: 19.3cm x 2.29cm x 22.35cm

Product Weight: 794 grams

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