Aromatherapy Dog Spray Recipe

Aromatherapy Dog Spray Recipe

Not to be used on cats or other pets.

This homemade dog de-stresser combines
Chamomile and Neroli for their sedative and anti-depressant properties. Use as a misting spray in the room where your dogs spend most of their time to help them wind down and relax. Be careful to spray the mist away from your dog's face.

Always use distilled or bottled water when making misters,
as tap water contains chlorine, and certain chemicals can affect the essential oils molecular structures. You can also use hydrosols as an alternative to water.

Ingredients to make a 60 ml bottle:

60 ml Distilled water or hydrosol
20 drops Essential Oil Blend - Chamomile Roman 10% and Neroli 10%
20 drops Polysorbate 20

When bottling essential oils, we recommend using glass or aluminum bottles.


1. Pour water or hydrosol in bottle.
2. Add Essential Oil Blend
3. Add Polysorbate 20.
4. Shake well and it is ready to use.
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