Soap making is a tradition that has been around for many years, but has recently grown in popularity as consumers become more aware of the commercially produced synthetic products they use on their skin, and more interested in using better, natural ingredients.Not only that, but it's a rewarding hobby to be creative and make your own unique soaps, whether it be cold process soapmelt and pour glycerin soap, natural liquid soap, re-batch soap making, or hot process style soap.

At Voyageur, we want to provide soap makers with an extensive range of wholesale natural soap making supplies, from principal ingredients like natural oils and butters, to natural clays, herbs, and mineral colourants, to our vast array of essential oils and fragrance oils as well as an incredible selection of soap molds to give your creations shape.

We are passionate about soap making and want to encourage you to discover how rewarding it is to make your own natural soaps, not to mention the potential for you to profit from your hobby, and hope that you will join our family of customers and fellow soap makers.

Soap making recipes

Wheatgerm & Honey Soap Recipe

A great soap making recipe for a wheatgerm & honey soap, as well as all the wholesale soap making ingredients you need.

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Cold Process Soap Making

We all care about the ingredients we're using on our skin! Once you realize how fun and easy it is to gather everything you need to make your own soap, and how much nicer your homemade soap is than normal synthetic commercially produced soap, you'll never go back.

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Hot Process Soap Making

Hot process soap making is the technique of taking the soap to trace - then applying continual heat for 1 ½ to 2 hours until the soap has fully saponified - then optionally thinning the soap with a bit of alcohol and pouring into molds.

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Melt & Pour Soap Instructions

Melt and pour soap making gives you the creative possibilities of making beautiful decorative soap, like these gorgeous cameo soaps, with no hazardous chemicals - so it's fun and easy!

We have great natural vegetable glycerin-based melt and pour soap bases, as well as economical bulk melt and pour soap bases.

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Rebatch Soap Making

Rebatching soap, remilling soap, or remelting soap, is the process of taking previously made cold process soap, grating it, melting it down, adding other ingredients if desired, and then recasting it into molds.

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Natural Cream Soap

This beautiful creamy soap is made with a unique soapmaking technique that is a blend of natural cold process and liquid soapmaking. The result is a rich, creamy soap that is both gentle and moisturizing for the skin and great for use on its own or in combination with other skin nourishing ingredients to make luxurious facial soaps, natural shaving.

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Natural Liquid Soap

Most commercially manufactured liquid soaps contain synthetic preservatives and surfactants. Making your own liquid soap gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what you're using on your body, and allows you to adjust the ingredients for specific cleansing needs, or add nutrients to make your soap the best it can be for your skin.

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