Collection: Craft Molds

Voyageur Soap and Candle offers a diverse range of metal, plastic, and silicone craft molds, catering to various crafting needs from bath bombs to cold process soap and melt and pour creations. With their extensive selection, creators can unleash their imagination, crafting intricate designs and unique creations for bath and body indulgence.

Here at Voyageur Soap & Candle we are proud to provide a diverse range supplier of body care crafting and soap molds for our customers across Canada and the United States. We have hundreds of plastic mold options for making a variety of handmade soaps from guest-sized soaps, to wedding favors, gentle baby soaps, traditional soap bars, ornate decorative soaps, fun kids soaps, and more!
 Plastic soap molds also work great for making your own bath bomb fizzersmassage bars, and other cosmetic products.

We also provide an ever increasing selection of silicone molds allowing the crafter to produce amazing 3 dimensional shapes for melt and pour soap, embeds, candles and general crafting.

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