Collection: Aromatherapy Diffusers

Transform your home or work using the power of aromatherapy! Our versatile line of elegant, sleek and stylish aromatherapy diffusers are a great way to fill your space with the wonderful scent of essential oils while also releasing their therapeutic benefits into the air you breathe. Available in a wide range of designs, you will be able to create a spa like experience in any room!

At Voyageur we pride ourselves in carrying a large selection of Aromatherapy Diffusers, from decorative hand crafted soapstones, to larger nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers. We also carry plug-in car and home diffusers for the individual on the go! 

Don't forget your Essential Oil with your new diffuser! At Voyageur we carry hundreds of Therapeutic Essential Oils, including a great selection of Certified Organic Essential Oils and custom Essential Oil Blends created for Voyageur by a Certified Aromatherapist. Check out our entire selection of Essential Oils HERE

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