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Over the years, bath & body products have evolved from being basic everyday essentials used for the simple task of getting clean to an entire industry devoted to specialty products and services that cater to your every skincare need. Here at Voyageur Soap & Candle we are dedicated to being one of Canada's premier resources for skin care recipes, information, and how-to's for creams and lotions, bath products, soap, haircare products, and more!

People have been making their own body care products for years, but the last decade has seen increased consumer awareness of the ingredients contained in today's commercial products and with that the interest in making ones own products has grown. Making your own bath, or body products is an enjoyable experience that allows you to individualize and create products with ingredients of your choosing.

At Voyageur, we carry a large selection of raw materials, both natural and commercial quality, to give the consumer the greatest choice when making their own products. We happily share with you our knowledge and recipes to help you to discover the enjoyment in making your own products whether it is for personal use or for resale.

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