Bath Candies Recipe


Makes 2 Good Sized Bath Candies

Bath Candies are little drops of Shea butter, "candy coated" with coloured epsom salts making them the cutest little bath moisturizers. This simple and easy to make DIY project makes the perfect addition to any gift baskets!

Made with Butterfly Orchid Fragrance Oil and 3 Different Micas: 24 Karat Gold, Purple Orchird and Pink Pearl Mica



1. Begin by preparing your Epsom salts by stirring them with your favorite colorant powder.

2. Combine the Shea butter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and your favourite Fragrance in a bowl. Stir your mixture using the back of a spoon until it is well mixed in. If your mixture is too sticky, a dd more Sodium Bicarbonate.

3. Take a small amount of your now mixed mixture into your hands and gently knead and form it into a ball.

4. Roll and press the ball in your coloured Epsom salts until you have achieved the look you want.

A few ideas to try in your recipe:
Soothing essential oils:
Energizing essential oils:
Romantic essential oils :




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