Hemp Hand & Body Lotion

600 gram Batch

A recipe for a really great homemade hand & body lotion using hemp seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and great for your skin! Also uses avocado oil, which helps improve skin elasticity, and aloe vera, which is well known for its great skin care properties - containing all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and skin rejuvenating enzymes.



Part A
5.5%   Polawax   33 grams
2.5%   Stearic Acid   15 grams
2.5%   Aloe Vera Extract   15 grams
6.5%   Hemp Seed Oil   39 grams
5.0%   Avocado Oil - Refined   30 grams
2.5%   Glycerin  15 grams
Part B
74%   Water (Boiling Hot)   444 grams
Part C
0.5%   Dimethicone   3 grams
0.5%   Silk Amino Acids   3 grams
0.5%   Germall Plus   3 grams
Fragrance to desired level. 
Browse our extensive collection of fragrant oils and choose one that sounds alluring - they're all lovely - or select more than one and blend them to create your own exclusive fragrance.


1. Measure out ingredients of Part A into mixing bowl.

2. Measure out water of Part B, heat if necessary, and pour slowly into Part A while stirring.

3. Stir occasionally to maintain emulsion as product slowly cools.

4. When lotion reaches 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, add ingredients of Part C.

5. Stir gently and when product starts to thicken, package into bottles.

Get creative!
Cultivate a unique style for your lotion - when it comes to packaging your lotion, we have many colors, sizes, and lids! Choose a stylish and practical plastic bottle, a decadent glass bottle with a pump, or browse through the rest of the Bottles & Packaging menu on the left side of our website.
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