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Kitchen and Bath Scouring Paste

Makes four 250 ml containers

Scouring pastes are designed to clean, sanitize, and brighten by polishing out the grime. This product contains D-Limonene, which is a natural citrus degreaser, to cut the soap scum and kitchen grease. It also contains baking soda and borax to help disinfect and deodorize. Natural liquid castile soap is used to give the paste its lathering and wetting properties. This product also makes a great natural oven cleaner.



1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and stir well to mix.
2. Package into jars and your product is ready to use!
    To Use:
    • Apply with damp cloth, sponge, or soft scrub brush.
    • Use as an oven cleaner by mixing with a little water and applying to the inside of your oven. Allow to dry and remove with a wet cloth.

    Additional Note:

    Essential oils can be added to this recipe to increase the disinfecting properties; however, D-limonene has a naturally strong citrus scent which may over power the scent of any added essential oils.

    Click Here for a PDF Copy of this Recipe


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