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Mauvey Gem Eyeshadow Recipe

Mauvey Gem Eyeshadow Recipe
It's easy to make your own cosmetic eyeshadows using natural mineral ingredients to give your skin a lovely shimmer without clogging pores or causing irritation. This delicate eyeshadow goes on purple with a slight iridescence.

Base Ingredients:
½ tsp. Sericite Mica
1/8 tsp. Sericite Max Mica
4 x 0.15 cc Spoons Silk Powder
4 x 0.15 cc Spoons White Kaolin Clay

9 x 0.15 cc Spoons Blackberry Wine Mica
4 x 0.15 cc Spoons Majestic Violet Mica
3 x 0.15 cc Spoons Pearl White Mica

1. In a small zip-lock bag mix together Sericite, Sericite Max, Silk Powder, Kaolin Clay and the mica blend.
2. Close zip-lock bag and gently squish to combine fully. This will take some time to ensure all pigments have been evenly distributed throughout the other ingredients and no clumps remain.
3. Once smooth and even, carefully spoon into a container. A 10ml cosmetic jar with a recessed sifter would be a good option.

Sericite Max Mica - Cosmetic Filler

Sericite Max Mica - Cosmetic Filler

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April 26, 2013