Natural Flea and Insect Spray for Dogs

Natural Flea and Insect Spray for Dogs

This flea and bug spray for dogs is formulated with a range of natural insect repellents, using peppermint as a base.

(Mentha piperita) is a widely recognized natural insect repellant and deodorant, with the added benefit of being soothing to irritated or itching skin. Decoctions (or teas) like the Peppermint one used in this product are an easy and effective way of imparting the benefits of natural herbs to grooming products.

This formula also incorporates a synergistic combination of essential oils chosen for their insect repelling, deodorizing, and anti-bacterial properties.


To make a 500 gram batch

93.0% Peppermint decoction 465 grams
2.0% Polysorbate 20 10 grams
Aloe Vera Extract 5 grams
3.0% Glycerin 99.5% 15 grams
0.4% Germall preservative 2 grams
0.6% Essential oil blend 3 grams

Benzoin, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass, and Pine.)


1. Measure out ingredients into a measuring cup, stirring gently to mix.
2. Pour into bottles with misters. We recommend using glass or aluminum, as essential oils can break down plastics.
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