Shea Nut & Hemp Butter Recipe

Shea Nut & Hemp Butter Recipe

Makes 150 grams

The Shea Nut and Hemp Body Butter is an intensive moisturizer that helps to heal and protect rough, dry skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, it will work to restore and control essential moisture balance, replenishing the moisture we lose from our skin in our daily activities and environment.

88%    Shea Nut Butter 132 grams
10%    Hemp Seed Oil 15 grams
2%      Vitamin E Antioxidant 3 grams
Essential Oils (optional) 
1. Measure out the ingredients into a small measuring cup.
2. Heat in the microwave until warm and pliable but not fully melted.
3. Whip the butter together vigorously until creamy and add any essential oils, if desired.
4. Package into small jars.
  • Try customizing your Shea Nut and Hemp Butter by experimenting with any number of  essential oils .
  • Make your product stand out even more with unique packaging in plastic or glass that caters to your personal style. 

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