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Here at Voyageur Soap and Candle we are dedicated to providing the most information possible about the products we carry. Here is a list of the ingredients commonly found in hair care products and their descriptions.


A surfactant (Surface Acting Agent) is a compound which lowers the surface tension of a liquid. When dissolved in water the lower surface tension makes it easier to lift dirt and grease, and help to keep the grime suspended in the dirty water instead of settling back down to the surface that's being cleaned. Surfactants are the main cleansing agents in dish and hand soap, laundry detergents, degreasers, car washes etc.... They are used in haircare to clean the hair and scalp of dirt and excess oils. Here are some surfactants that are commonly used in shampoos:

Vitamins and Proteins

Vitamins and proteins are a very important component in hair care, they are added to help strengthen the hair shaft and protect from damage. Common nutrients added to hair care are:

Emollients and Emulsifiers

Emollients are essential in hair care for their ability to soften, detangle, and condition the hair, whereas emulsifiers perform the same function while blending the oil and water parts of a conditioner together. Here are some common emollients and emulsifiers:

Specialty Ingredients

One of the advantages of making your own hair products is the freedom it allows to customize every aspect of the finished product. Certain ingredients can be added to maximize the benefits of the end product, here are a few that are commonly used in hair care: 

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