Metal Tins

Voyageur Packaging - Metal Tins

At Voyageur packaging is one of our specialties. We carry hundreds of different bottles, jars, lip balm containers and specialty cosmetic packaging styles in a range of colours, sizes and closure options in tin, plastic, aluminum and glass. Whether you are looking for just one tin or wholesale case quantities, we can fill all your packaging needs.

In this Metal Tins packaging section you will find a great selection of seamless tins, both shallow and deep as well as our popular slider tins and lipbalm size tins. Tins provide a modern and upscale look to your lip balms and lip glosses, herbal salves and body balms as well as Candles, such as Soy and Beeswax.

All our Tins are made from Recycled Steel and are completely recyclable, making this packaging choice not only stylish and functional but also environmentally responsible.

Tins are designed for use with wax and oil based products only. Tin is not suitable for lotions, creams or other products made using water.

For added product protection check out our shrink seals which will provide a safety band on your tins to avoid lid removal during shipping or display.