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Soap Molds

Soap Molds

Choosing a great soap mold can be just as important as the quality of your soap, because it determines the first impression of your soap.

Here at Voyageur Soap & Candle we are proud to be a dominant supplier of soap molds across Canada and the United States. We have hundreds of plastic soap mold options for making a variety of handmade soaps from guest-sized soaps, to wedding favors, gentle baby soaps, traditional soap bars, ornate decorative soaps, fun kids soaps, and more!
Plastic soap molds also work great for making your own bath bomb fizzers, massage bars, and other cosmetic products.

We also provide professional wooden soap molds and soap cutters, allowing the crafter to produce large batches of uniform soaps, turning their soap making hobby into a soap selling business.

If you've never used a soap mold before, click here for detailed instructions on using plastic and wooden soap molds, and how to care for them.