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Crystals for Beginners Book

Crystals for Beginners Book

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Crystals for Beginners makes it easy to learn about crystals and how to use their positive energy in a variety of practical ways. This friendly introductory guide explores crystal magic, folklore, and wisdom. It features an alphabetical guide to crystals, along with advice on collecting, cleansing, and charging them. Handy reference charts help you quickly find information on birthstones, zodiac stones, precious metals, and more.

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From agates to zoisite, the number of crystals on today's market can seem overwhelming. So can all of the powers attributed to all of those crystals. Are you lonely? Grab yourself a rose quartz. Do your knees hurt? Try carrying some calcite along when you take a walk. Do you want to try your luck in Vegas? Don't forget your green aventurine.

No matter what ails you or what goal you have in sight, it seems that someone can recommend a crystal to cure all your ills or bring you good fortune. You could spend years reading and studying the encyclopedic books that have been written to describe the various metaphysical properties of crystals, stone by stone. And while it's true that individual crystals do have their own strengths, a surprising number of benefits can be attributed to all crystals. You don't have to memorize long lists of properties and associations to work with crystals-and you don't have to choose crystals based on anything in a book.

In fact, you will find that a long list of features and benefits can be assigned to every crystal-which makes choosing a stone for your own needs a lot less daunting.

Technical Information

Title: Cystals for Beginners

Author: Corrine Kenner

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Publication Date: 03/01/2004

Page Count: 264 pages

ISBN-10: #0738707554

ISBN-13: #978-0738707556

Product Dimensions: 5" x 1" x 8"

Product Weight: 9.4 oz.

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