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Escali L125 Maximum Precision Digital Scale

Escali L125 Maximum Precision Digital Scale

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 125 gram x 0.01 gram Accuracy

The Escali L125 Maximum Precision Digital Scale is a highly accurate, operator friendly scale that is a must have product when measuring out high precision, accurate quantities of ingredients is necessary! This Escali Scale possesses numerous high quality features including a sealed control panel, platform leveling system, item counting function and a cumulative memory feature. This precision digital scale has a 125 gram capacity, and is capable of measuring in increments as small as 0.01 grams or 0.0005 oz, making it perfect for precisely measuring products such as essential oils, fragrance oils, colourants and more!

Usage Guidelines

Product Details:

  • Escali L125 Maximum Precision Digital Scale
  • Escali Precision Scale
  • This is a highly accurate, operator friendly digital scale that is perfect for measuring out precise quantities of ingredients
  • Scale Capacity: 125 grams
  • Measurement Increments: 0.01 g, 0.0005 oz, 0.2 gn, 0.05 ct, 0.005 dwt, 0.0005 ozt
  • Units supported: Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Grains (gn), Carats (ct), Pennyweights (dwt), Troy Ounces (ozt)
  • Scale Dimensions: 5.75" x 8" x 2.5"
  • Platform Dimensions: 4.5” x 4.5”
  • The perfect scale for measuring out precise ingredients such as essential oils, fragrance oils, colourants, soap making supplies and more

Product Features:

  • The Escali Maximum Precision Digital Scale is a top-rated scale in the marketplace
  • Features a sealed control panel to guard the display and controls from accidental spills
  • Features a platform leveling system so that accurate measurements can be obtained
  • Features a tare function so you can easily clear off the weight of containers to get accurate measurements of product
  • Features 6 different weighing modes
  • Features an Item Counting Feature to measure out precise numbers of product
  • Features a cumulative memory feature so that you can weigh multiple items separately and then add the combined weight together to gain a total weight
  • Features an automatic shut off feature where the scale will shut off automatically after inactivity to save energy
  • Battery operated with 4 AA batteries included, or can be powered with an optional power adapter available separately

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