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Melt & Mold Soap Crafting Book

Melt & Mold Soap Crafting Book

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Cook colorful, whimsical, eye-catching soaps right in your microwave! It’s easy and fun with C. Kaila Westerman’s guide to creative soap making. Westerman’s recipes are free of harsh chemicals and she encourages you to play with colors, scents, and shapes that the whole family will enjoy — from rubber duckies to sailboats, stars, and gemstones. With an inexpensive soap base, some food coloring, and a bit of imagination, you can quickly create handy bars for kid-friendly cleaning and hours of bath time fun. 

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Want to make colorful, whimsical, eye-catching soaps in your own kitchen? Then let master crafter Kaila Westerman show you how to custom-design your own works of soap art using inexpensive soap base, readily available colorants and fragrances, a few basic kitchen tools, and a little imagination. When you make melt-and-mold soap, you-ll never have to worry about coming into contact with any hazardous chemicals, such as lye it-s as simple as 1-2-3!


1. Melt a glycerin bar in the microwave.

2. Add scent & color and pour into a mold.

3. Wait until firm. Pop out & enjoy!


This book includes over 30 soap crafting projects, such as Sunrise Soap, Victorian Bridesmaid Cake, Stress-Relief Bar, Rainbow Loaf Soap, Incredible Embeddables, Jelly Roll, Fruit Stand Bars, Soap Marbles, and Tropical Indulgence.

Technical Information

Title: Melt & Mold Soap Crafting

Author: C. Kaila Westerman

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: 08/09/2000

Page Count: 144 pages

ISBN-10: #1580172938

ISBN-13: #978-1580172936

Product Dimensions: 17.93cm x 0.97cm x 25.4cm

Product Weight: 431 grams

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