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Milk Based Soaps Book

Milk Based Soaps Book

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Craft beautiful, sweet-smelling milk-based soaps safely and easily. In this fun and informative guide, Casey Makela shares her specialized techniques for producing lusciously creamy soaps. With straightforward instructions and thorough explanations, Makela teaches you how to fashion your own soaps from vegetable oils and tallow bases, giving dozens of suggestions for relaxing scents and specialty colors that will let your product shine. You’ll soon be creating enticingly unique soaps that will keep your glowing skin smelling and feeling good all day.

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The experience and expertise Casey Makela has acquired through 15 years of making soaps is readily apparent in her book, Milk-Based Soaps. She is the owner of Killmaster Soap & Woolen Works, a gift shop and direct mail business. Besides raising dairy goats, Casey has written articles for various animal husbandry periodicals. She resides in Harrisville, Michigan, with her husband and seven children.

Technical Information

Title: Milk Based Soaps

Author: Casey Makela

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: 01/09/1997

Page Count: 112 pages

ISBN-10: #0882669847

ISBN-13: #978-0882669847

Product Dimensions: 15.24cm x 22.86

Product Weight: N/A

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