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Raspberry Seed Oil - Virgin

Raspberry Seed Oil - Virgin

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Virgin raspberry seed oil is very high in essential fatty acids, the most abundant of which are linoleic, alpha linolenic and oleic acids. This oil is also an excellent source of free radical scavengers and antioxidants, rich in alpha and gamma tocopherols as well as carotenoides (Vitamin A).

Usage Guidelines

Raspberry oil is high in linolenic acid, it's a great substitute for evening primrose or borage oil thanks to the linolenic acid.

Raspberry seed oil is cold pressed from the seed of the plant.

Technical Information

  • INCI: Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil
  • CAS # 381718-28-1
  • SAP Value:
  • Shelf Life: approx. 3 years
  • Specific Gravity: 0.9225-0.9325
  • Country of Origin: Chile, Poland

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