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Sodium Lactate 60

Sodium Lactate 60

Sodium Lactate is an excellent emollient in personal care products with strong antimicrobial and humectant properties and is also commonly used in soap making to create a harder bar with better moisture retention and to help prevent cracking.

When used between 2%-5% in lotions and creams Sodium Lactate is a powerful humectant and increases the moisture content of the skin drastically without leaving a sticky or greasy skin-feel. Due to its superior water retention capacity it can be used in rinse-off applications as well, such as hair conditioners or masks.

Use up to a tablespoon per pound (454 grams) of soap oils when making cold process soap to create a harder, longer lasting bar with a fast curing time. It also helps create a creamier bar visually, and eases the de-molding of intricate soap bars.

Voyageur offers premium skin care ingredients, moisturizers, proteins for lotions, creams, body care products.

Lends anti-microbial properties to personal care products; we recommend it be used in conjunction with a full spectrum preservative to give effective anti-bacterial coverage.

This is a 60% solution in water.

INCI: Sodium Lactate
Sodium Lactate 60% is the sodium salt produced from high quality bio-fermented, natural Lactic Acid from corn starch, together with water.
Sodium Lactate is a nearly colourless viscous liquid.

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