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The Natural Soap Book

The Natural Soap Book

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Making your own soap is fun, easy, and rewarding. In this introductory guide, Susan Miller Cavitch shows you how to craft your own all-natural, wonderfully smelling soaps. Illustrated directions take you through the whole process, from buying supplies to cutting the final bars. With easy-to-follow recipes that range from classics like oatmeal and honey soap to more adventurous combinations using goat milk and borage, you’ll be inspired to make uniquely personal soaps that are gentle on your skin and a pleasure for your nose.

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Susan Miller Cavitch takes the mystery out of soapmaking, sharing her formulas for making high-quality vegetable-based soaps that are good for your skin -- and free of synthetic additives.

The Natural Soap Book gives you:

  • Clear directions and illustrations to guide you step-by-step through the entire process -- from buying supplies to cutting and trimming the final bars.
  • Recipes for old favorites like oatmeal/honey and avocado soaps to Susan's unique recipes for goat milk, borage, and even a tropical shampoo bar.
  • Creative wrapping and gift packaging ideas.
  • Formulas for exotic specialty scents like Holiday Spice, Sweet Earth, and Southern Summers.
  • Profiles and tips from professional soapmakers.

Technical Information

Title: The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps

Author: Susan Miller Cavitch

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: 01/08/1995

Page Count: 192 pages

ISBN-10: #9780882668888

ISBN-13: #978-0882668888

Product Dimensions: 15.24cm x 1.42cm x 22.86cm

Product Weight: 295 grams

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