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Votive Metal Wick Tabs - Self Centering

Votive Metal Wick Tabs - Self Centering

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This unique Votive Metal Wick Tab will help you create perfect self centering prepared wicks for your Votives candles. Measuring 31.8mm in diameter with a 3.8mm neck and 2.4mm hole and is the perfect way to build your own wick assemblies and ensure your votive wick stays in the center of your candle! Made from heavy tinplate, these sustainer candle bases are extremely versatile as they can be clipped onto zinc, paper core or cotton wicks, and can even be used to attach to cut pieces from other prepared wicks so that you can make additional wicks for votives, tea lights and more!

Usage Guidelines

Product Details:

  • Round Metal Wick Tab
  • Round Sustainer Candle Base
  • Size: Size: 31.8mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm hole
  • Manufactured from heavy tinplate
  • These tabs are used to hold wicks in containers or molds that do not have a hole for insertion. These wick tabs can keep the wick in an upright position so that it is easier to make your candles
  • Directions: To use this wick tab, simply place your wick in the center of the tab and then squeeze the tab shut to hold the wick in place

Technical Information

Technical Information:

  • Round Metal Wick Tab
  • Made from heavy tin plate
  • Size: 31.8mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm hole

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