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Detoxifying Mineral Mask Recipe

Makes 480 grams

This detoxifying facial mask recipe uses white kaolin clay and rhassoul clay, which is used world-wide in spa treatments for detoxification and rejuvenation - removing impurities without removing the skin's natural oils. This type of face mask is known to reduce dryness and flakiness and improve skin clarity and elasticity. A great homemade clay mask, without spa prices!
Part A
38%    Rhassoul Clay                183 grams  
15%    White Kaolin Clay           72 grams  
0.5%   Green Tea Extract             2 grams   
Part B
34%    Purified Water              163 grams
10%    Glycerin                         48 grams
  1%    Panthenol                        5 grams  
0.5%   Cromoist Oat Protein      2 grams
  1%    Optiphen Plus                  5 grams
1.     Mix together Part A into a measuring cup or bowl.
2.     Add Part B, plus any essential oil, if desired, and stir until combined 
3.     Package into jars.
Apply a thin layer of Detoxifying Mineral Mask over face and neck. Allow to dry. Remove with warm water and a soft cloth. Pat face dry.

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