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Loads of Bubbles Bubble Bath

Loads of Bubbles Bubble Bath

This easy to make liquid bubble bath formula provides loads of luscious bubbles without compromising mildness.  Using gentle surfactants and enriched with skin moisturizing aloe vera, oat protein and glycerin this bubble bath will enhance any bath time.  Add our vibrant Jewel Tone liquid colours to create any colour of the rainbow and scent with your choice of Voyageur fragrance oil or essential oil for a wonderful, aromatic bathing experience.


Makes 1 kg - Approximately 4 x 8 oz Bottles

8% BSB (Baby Shampoo Base) Surfactant - 80 grams
18% Cocamidopropyl Betaine Surfactant - 180 grams
18% AS40 Surfactant - 180 grams

48% Distilled Water - ambient temperature - 480 grams

3% Aloe Vera Extract Liquid - 30 grams
2% Glycerin Vegetable 99.7% USP - 20 grams
1.25% Hydrolyzed Oat Protein - 13 grams
0.75% Geogard ECT Preservative - 8 grams

0.5% - 1% Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil - 5 to 10 grams

Drops of Jewel Tone Liquid Colourant to colour as desired

Fine Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) to thicken as desired


  • In a mixing vessel add the distilled water and surfactants, stirring very gently to combine. Do not add too much agitation or you will end up with lots of bubbles in the mixture which will take time to settle out of your finished product.
  • Add Aloe Vera Extract Liquid, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and mix gently until incorporated.
  • Add Geogard ECT Preservative and mix gently until incorporated.
  • Add drops of Jewel Tone Liquid Colourant to colour bubble bath as desired.
  • Add up to 1% Fragrance or Essential Oil and mix gently until incorporated. Note: Some fragrance oils and essential oils may colour or cloud the mixture slightly, which is normal.  To minimize clouding, you can pre-blend your fragrance or essential oil by blending 2 parts Polysorbate 20 to 1 part fragrance or EO before adding to your bubble bath.
  • Once all ingredients, including fragrance or essential oil, are combined you can decide whether you would like to increase the thickness of the product by slowly mixing in a small amount of Fine Sea Salts until desired thickness has been achieved.  It is important to add the sodium chloride (fine sea salts) after the fragrance or essential oil has been added, as some may thicken the bubble bath while others may thin it, depending on their unique components. If you find your bubble bath is too thick, simply thin by adding a small amount of distilled water. 
  • Once your bubble bath has been made, and any bubbles created during the mixing process have settled, you are ready to package and enjoy.

January 07, 2023