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Sea Salts - Fine Grain

Sea Salts - Fine Grain

A premium quality sea salt produced by evaporating the brine made from sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean. A wonderful addition to bath salt blends, face and body scrubs and therapeutic bath soaks for their skin softening properties.

Wholesale premium quality, naturally derived sea salt which is widely used in bath salt blends, salt scrubs, soaks etc. for their skin softening properties. Used extensively in Spa industry for exfoliating scrubs and body soaks.

INCI: Depending on Country Maris Sal or Sodium Chloride
Grain Type: Fine
Technical Grain Size - 0.2 - 0.6mm
All Natural
Contains no anti-caking or free flowing additives or conditioners
Country of Origin: USA

Disclaimer: Although many of our products are food grade, we are not currently certified as a food grade facility so we are only able to promote our products for their external benefits.

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