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Moisturizing Milk Bath

Moisturizing Milk Bath
Makes Four 4 oz Jars
Popular since the age of Cleopatra, milk baths are designed to moisturize the skin and soothe the soul. With this recipe, we've enhanced the skin care benefits of your homemade milk bath by including shea butter as an emollient, and Epsom salts to mimic the therapeutic effects of the renowned European mineral baths and spas.
What You Will Need:

This is the foundation for a good moisturizing, soothing milk bath. With this recipe you could also substitute shea butter for grated cocoa butter, or add herbs, dried flowers, fragrances, or other skin soothing ingredients.

- Step 1: Mix all ingredients well and package into a gift jar, bag, or salt tube.
To Use:
1. Sprinkle a generous amount in tub.
2. After having a soothing, relaxing milk bath, remember to rinse yourself off in the shower to remove any milky residue.

If you're adding herbs or botanicals to your milk bath, try putting your mixture in a muslin bag and hang it under the tap so that the water runs through it as the tub fills, or use a Press n’ Brew Bath Bag to throw in the bath. This will give you the benefits of the ingredients, without the mess in the bottom of the tub!

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July 20, 2011