Moisturizing Shaving Cream Recipe

Moisturizing Shaving Cream Recipe

Makes 600 grams 

This rich shaving cream recipe has similar characteristics to an intensive facial moisturizing cream, with oils chosen for their lubricity as well as moisturizing properties, and lanolin to help the razor shave close to the skin without drying or chapping. With a great homemade shaving cream recipe like this, razor burn will quickly become a thing of the past.


Part A
7.0% Polawax 42 grams
4.0% Stearic Acid 24 grams


Part B

3.0% Glycerin 18 grams
6.0% Castor Oil 36 grams
3.0% Lanolin 18 grams
2.0% Jojoba Oil 12 grams
2.0% Coconut Oil Fractionated 12 grams
4.0% Almond Oil 24 grams
68.0% Boiling Water 408 grams

Part C
.5% Germall Plus Preservative 3 grams
.5% Silk Amino Acids 3 grams

1. Measure out ingredients of Part A in a measuring bowl.

2. Add the ingredients of Part B, pouring in the boiling water last, melting the solids, and liquefying all the ingredients.

3. Stir slowly to ensure that all the ingredients are well mixed.

4. Allow the product to cool, stirring occasionally to ensure that the cream stays well mixed, helping to ensure a stable emulsion once cooled.

5. Add the ingredients of Part C with stirring once the temperature of the cream has reached approximately 45 degrees Celcius. Germall Plus Preservative as well as the Silk Amino Acids can both have their effectiveness compromised with excessive heat. Botanical extracts, preservative, proteins, amino acids, or vitamins are all best added at the end to ensure their effectiveness.

6. Lightly fragrance the product if desired. Either fragrance oils or essential oils may be used. Popular scents include citrus, lavender (many men like lavender), oceanus, or base, musky odours such as sandalwood.

7. Package and enjoy.

Try packaging your handmade shaving cream in a handsome 4 oz jar, available in various colours and caps!

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