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Neroli Rose Facial Cleanser in 350ml Glass Foamer Bottle

Neroli Rose Facial Cleanser

Recipe makes 1x 350ml Foamer Bottle

This simple formulation shows that making your own quality skin care products doesn't need to be complicated to be incredible!  Using the gentle cleansing action of our Natural Pure Castile Liquid Soap base together with Neroli and Rose Floral Waters and the moisturizing and skin soothing properties of Cromoist Oat Protein and Aloe Vera to create a luscious, silky facial cleanser that will gently cleanse your skin and can be used as part of our daily skin care routine. 

This formula can also be easily customized to your preference by substituting the Neroli and Rose Floral Waters with any of our other wonderful floral water choices.  For enhanced aromatherapy and skin care benefits you can add drops of your favourite essential oils to the formula.  



In a measuring cup combine the following ingredients, stirring gently to combine. Pour into our new 350ml Glass Foamer Bottle or your choice of Foamer Bottle

Our floral waters are naturally preserved with Geogard Ultra preservative so we have not added an additional preservative to this formula.  If you choose, you can add your choice of cosmetic preservative to this formula. 

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