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10 ml Clear Glass Rollerball Bottle with Black Cap & Plastic Rollerball

10 ml Clear Glass Rollerball Bottle with Black Cap & Plastic Rollerball

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Our 10 ml Clear Glass Rollerball Bottle with Black Cap is an elegant roller ball container, perfect for a variety of aromatherapy products including perfume sticks, liquid lip gloss and applying your favourite essential oils. Featuring a plastic roller ball, these beautiful roll on bottles are perfect for travel and samples.

Easily Remove and Install your Rollerball Inserts with our Rollerball Tool. Available in BlackBlue and Green

Usage Guidelines

Perfect for a wide variety of uses:

  • Perfume Roll On
  • Massage Products
  • Traveling
  • Product Samples
  • Taking your favourite products with you on the go
  • Applying your favourite Essential Oils

1. Filling the Bottle:
Using a small funnel, carefully fill the glass roll-on bottle with your chosen liquid. Leave some space at the top of the bottle for the roller ball insert to fit. Avoid overfilling the bottle and make sure the rim of the bottle is dry before inserting the roll on insert to prevent leakage.

2. Using the Roll-On Insertion Tool:
To insert the roller ball into the bottle, place the bottle on a flat surface and put the roll on insert into the neck of the botte. Place the roll-on insertion tool over top of the roll on insert. With gentle pressure, press the roller ball into the insertion tool's slot. Slowly push the insertion tool down, guiding the roller ball into the bottle until it clicks into place. The insertion tool helps ensure a secure fit and minimizes the risk of spilling the liquid. We do not recommend inserting the roller ball insert into the bottle with out the use of the tool. Excessive pressure directly onto the ball of the roll on insert can damage it and cause leakage.

3. Attaching the Cap:
Screw the cap onto the bottle firmly to prevent leakage and maintain the contents' freshness.

4. Shipping and Travel:
Store the glass roll-on bottle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. During shipping and travel, make sure the cap is tightly secured and the bottle remains upright to avoid leakage. Placing the bottle in a plastic bag or pouch can provide additional protection.

The roll on insertion tool is also an excellent tool for removing the roll on bottle from the glass bottle.

We recommend all customers conduct thorough compatibility tests before finalizing the use of glass roll-on bottles with their specific products. Factors such as formulation, ingredients, and storage conditions can impact the performance and integrity of the packaging. While our glass roll-on bottles are designed to meet high quality standards, individual product characteristics can vary and might interact differently with the packaging. Prior testing will help ensure optimal functionality and avoid any unexpected issues.

Technical Information

  • Size: 10 ml/0.34 oz.
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Glass
  • Cap: Black with Plastic Rollerball

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Great Rollers

I use these for all custom blended oils for customers. I am relieved to finally find bottles that don't leak!!