Collection: Pre-tabbed, Spooled, and Wood Candle Wicks

Voyageur carries the largest selection of in stock wicks in North America.  This includes a massive selection of Pre-tabbed wicks, which is a prepared wick that is covered in wax to provide rigidity and then a wick sustainer base is attached so it is ready to use in container candles, tea lights, votives or pillars.  We offer a variety of types from different manufacturers including HTP series, RRD series, LX series, ECO series and 700 series wicks.  They come in a variety of wick sizes and heights so you can achieve the perfect burn in the candle you are making. 

We also carry a wide selection of spooled wicks for candle crafters who roll beeswax candles, make paraffin pillars or just like to make their own pre-tabbed wick.  As well as the wide variety of cotton style wicking, Voyageur also distributes trendy wood wicks for all sizes of container candles.  Available in crackling single ply for vegetable and paraffin waxes and our extremely popular crackling booster wicks for a variety of sizes of Soy Wax Candles.

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