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Blended Waxes - BW 917 Natural Container Wax Blend

Blended Waxes - BW 917 Natural Container Wax Blend

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The BW-917 is an all-natural specialty wax blend of Soy, Coconut and Beeswax manufactured by Blended Waxes and specifically formulated for single pour, scented container candles.  This wax blend is available in an easy to use pastille form and has a off-white, soft, smooth appearance, formulated for a high fragrance load.  The low melt point of the BW-917 blend helps with optimal candle burn and gives better glass adhesion. This wax is also a great choice for making tealights!

Usage Guidelines

Product Details

  • Name: Blended Waxes - BW 917
  • Manufacturer: Blended Waxes Inc.
  • Melt Point: 110°F Typical
  • Congealing Point: 110°F
  • Manufacturers Recommended Pour Temperature: 140°F - 160°F (We always recommend experimentation to determine the optimal pouring temperature for your container)
  • Manufacturers Scent Load: up to 10% Maximum
  • Packaging Format: Pastilles
  • Candle Finish: Off-White, Opaque

Benefits of Blended Waxes BW 917

  • Single pour
  • Pre-Blended, no additives required
  • Good jar adhesion
  • High fragrance load
  • Will not creep/slump at temperatures up to 100°F
  • Accepts dyes and colourants well
  • Bloom resistant

Technical Information

Blended Waxes – BW 917 Instructions

Blended Waxes -BW 917 allows for top surface re-melting if necessary to create a smooth top to your container candle. Blended Waxes – BW 917 is highly frost resistant and works great with dyes and has excellent scent throw both cold and hot.

Containers/Jars: Containers and jars should be clean and at ambient temperature. No pre-heating is necessary.

Dyes: The various dye blocks we carry work well with Blended Waxes – BW 917. When using dyes, heat the wax to 185°F, add the dye, and mix until dissolved.

Fragrances: Recommended maximum scent load is 10%. It is recommended that after you melt your wax that you remove from heat and then add your fragrance, stirring gently for approximately 2 minutes to make sure fragrance is fully combined with the wax. If you are using a fragrance with a lower flash point, make an adjustment to your wax temperature as necessary.

Melting: Melt Blended Waxes – BW 917 to 170°F under gentle agitation to promote even heating and thorough mixing. Add any desired fragrance and dye, mixing well to incorporate. Allow the wax to cool to the 140°F - 160°F pour temperature.


  • Pour temperatures will vary according to container type and size, fragrance(s), essentials oils, dye(s), and the candle effects you desire.
  • Different container configurations result in various cooling rates. Cooling too quickly or too slowly can cause concaving and/or frosting. A recommended starting temperature for pouring is 140°F. Pour temperatures should be checked and confirmed according to seasonal changes and adjusted as necessary for the size/type of container using.
  • As the candle is being poured, it is typical for wax to solidify at first contact with the container. Blended Waxes – BW 917 should have a pour temperature high enough so that when the container is full, the initial solidified wax has re-melted. Please note–the temperature should not be so high that the liquid wax sits more than 30 minutes before starting to solidify.

Candle Cooling: Cool undisturbed candles at an ambient temperature of 70° F (21.1°C). The containers should be about 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) apart to allow air circulation for even cooling. The container should remain open during cooling for at least 24 hrs (large candles may require longer times). Slower cooling will encourage container adhesion while quicker cooling will encourage container pull away. Blended Waxes – BW 917 is designed to adhere to the glass and should be encouraged to do so. Candles should be allowed to sit undisturbed for 48 hours before test burning.

Test Burning: Test burn the candle for burn pool diameter and quality after it has setup (cured or dried) for a minimum of 48 hours. Every combination of container, wax, dye, fragrances, and wick should be tested for burn quality.

Storage: Packaged: Due to its low melt point it is important to keep wax stored in a cool dry location away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture.

General Trouble Shooting:

  • Test for one variable at a time when trouble shooting to isolate the cause. Variables include (but are not limited to): the container, wax, dye, fragrance, wick, pour temperature, and environmental conditions such, as cooling temperature, along with manufacturing conditions.
  • First make a candle in the container with only the wick (no dye or fragrance). If it looks good then the wax is performing normally.
  • Then, one at a time, change a variable. Try adding the dye without fragrance to the container, wax and wick. If it looks good and burns well, the dye is compatible with the wax.
  • Try adding the fragrance without dye to the container, wax and wick. If it looks good and burns well, the fragrance is compatible with the wax.
  • Try the dye and fragrance together with the container, wax and wick. If it looks good and burns well the dye/fragrance combination is compatible with the wax.
  • If you are experiencing burn problems, try a different type or size of wick.
  • Other variables to try are different pouring and cooling temperatures and even different containers.
  • Ensure all equipment and materials are contaminant free.
  • Test for one variable at a time when trouble shooting to isolate the cause.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Is it rancid?

The moment I opened the box, all I could smell was beef fat. I know there isn't any in this wax blend, but it was extremely off-putting. Even my husband (who is a chef) says it smells like animal fat. After making it into jarred candles (with strong spices and orange scents) it still smelled like beef fat. I know "oil can spoil" so I wonder if somehow the soy or coconut components had gone bad if this has been in the warehouse for a while.
It does melt fast and pour well, but the tops aren't any smoother than GW444.

great wax

I really liked this wax - i never had sink hole or bubble issues but I poured it hot - the cure time is really important as the first 2 weeks I thought it was not going to perform but it definitely turned the corner in week 3 as far as cold throw went. It has a good hot throw so I was happy with it, and I like the blend!

Nice and user friendly!

Great wax, testing with 8-10% fragrance with both working nicely in different sized vessels with wood wicks. Only thing is I'm finding some small sink holes and bubbles but have been able to correct it with roughly 5% beeswax added to the mix. Minor amount of shrinkage from metal vessels but does great with clear tealight cups. Cure time has been really important with this wax. Overall happy! Very white in color not my personal favorite, but takes tiny addition of color to get a creamy golden wax that's beautiful and easy to get smooth top.

Second Box Purchased & Still Getting Sink Holes

Okay, so I purchased my second box. I must admit that these little beads make a mess compared to other waxes I’ve used. It is almost like there is a static cling happening because they stick to everything. I am still noticing frosting, mostly on the coloured candles which is more unsightly compared to other waxes I’ve used. I will just use this wax without adding colour. I am still getting small sink holes even though the temperature of my room is good. I have been pouring closer to 145 in the glass jars and around 150 to 160 in the tins. I think this is helping. The tops smooth out nicely even if you need to reheat the tops to get rid of the sink holes. I still miss the eco soy wax as I found that wax was the best.

Love the Off White Colour

Nice wax. First time using this wax. Would have given 5 stars but I experienced some frosting and sink holes in my glass jars but not my tins. I used a heat gun to get rid of the sink holes. Tops turned out smooth.