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Mineral Makeup Ingredients

A little introduction to common mineral make-up ingredients you might want to try in your own make-up recipes!

Almond Oil Sweet:
Oil expressed from the nuts of the sweet almond tree,
rich in Vitamin A and very high in fatty acids. Almond oil is a very lubricating and effective emollient, softening and smoothing the skin.
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A natural emulsifier commonly used in making natural lipsticks, lip-glosses, concealer sticks, etc.
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Carnauba Wax:
Also known as Brazilian Palm wax, Carnauba is commonly used in lip and concealer products for its emulsifying, lubricating, barrier, and texturizing properties.
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Castor Oil Cosmetic:
A humectant, cosmetic castor oil acts like glycerin, drawing moisture into the skin. Castor oil is a primary ingredient in lip balms, glosses, lipsticks, and skin care products.
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Coconut Oil Fractionated:
This liquid form of coconut oil has been fractionated by steam distillation to contain only the medium chain triglycerides, which gives this oil an indefinite shelf life and its gentle, light, moisturizing properties.
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Iron Oxides:
Iron oxide is created naturally by iron combined with oxygen, and is commonly blended with other iron oxides and titanium dioxide to create a multitude of colours. We carry a wide range of natural iron oxides ranging in shades of brown, yellow, orange, red, black and blue. Because iron oxides are inorganic pigments, they sit in suspension, giving great long lasting adhesion without smearing, streaking, or smudging.
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Jojoba Oil Clear:
Jojoba oil is a great oil for dry, sensitive, chapped skin and will quickly smooth and soften the skin.
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Mica is found in nature in crystallized, thin elastic sheets that can be separated easily.
It is plated with other inorganic pigments to create a range of colours from pink, blue, purple and red to green, gold, silver, copper and bronze. Micas can be shiny or dull, giving either a sparkle or pearlescence to cosmetics. Mica is not only used for its beautiful range of colours, but also for its texture which helps minerals glide across the skin. Not all micas are considered equal - depending on their micron size, some micas are not approved for all cosmetic applications. At Voyageur, we only carry the highest quality micas that are approved for ALL cosmetic applications including eye makeup and lip products.
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Sericite Mica:
Silky silver sericite mica powder is the ideal base for your eye shadows and foundation bases. It feels soft on the skin and provides that “slip” needed for flawless application.
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Shea Nut Butter Refined:
Shea butter is the natural fat obtained from the fruit of the karite tree, and is used as a premium skin moisturizing ingredient.
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit.
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Silk Powder - Fine:
Silk powder is produced from high quality silk using sophisticated technology in order to retain its chemical properties, and is made up of 100% fibroin, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids and trace elements essential to the human body. Users can expect it to help maintain moisture levels in the skin and prevent dryness. The crystalline structure in silk powder reflects UV radiation, has anti-bacterial properties, and in hair care products will improve luminance and elastic behavior. Many people use silk powder as a make-up finishing powder.
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Titanium Dioxide:
Derived from titanium, titanium dioxide is commonly used in mineral makeup for its incredible covering and tinting ability as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. It is the most important colour in all shades of makeup as it acts as a whitener, creates opaqueness, and its light-reflective microscopic spheres give products a natural SPF protection and help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes
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Vitamin E Antioxidant Blend:
Vitamin E Antioxidant Blend is a concentrated form of natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) derived from edible vegetable oils. Vitamin E is renowned for its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, and is a natural anti-oxidant used in food and personal care products to delay the onset of rancidity in fats and oils (having a preservative effect).
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