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#01 Red Candle Dye Block

#01 Red Candle Dye Block

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Candle dye blocks are perfect for use in paraffin or vegetable waxes, and can be dispersed with ease. Our #01 Red Candle Dye Block allows the production of various red shades depending on your products dye/wax ratio, and all our dyes can be blended to create your own unique colour!

Usage Guidelines


  • Adjust colour/shade by increasing or decreasing the ratio of dye to wax, see product photo for reference.
  • Please bear in mind that colours will vary depending on the type of wax and/or fragrance use.
  • Looking to make the colour a bit darker? Add a small piece of our #27 Black Dye Block to your dyed wax.
  • All dyes fade over a period of time. Light colours tend to fade faster than dark colours.
  • We recommend not over-heating dyes in wax. Excessive heat can oxidize the wax and have a deteriorating effect on dyes.

Technical Information

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