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#13 Ultramarine Green Candle Dye Block

#13 Ultramarine Green Candle Dye Block

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In a vegetable wax base for easy dispersion, this versatile colour works great in paraffin or vegetable based waxes. Allows the production of Ultramarine Green, Sea Green and Emerald Green coloured candles. Mix this dye with other dyes to achieve different colour creations.

Usage Guidelines

Our #13 Ultramarine Green Candle Dye Block allows the production of various ultramarine green shades depending on your products dye/wax ratio, see product photo for reference.


  • Adjust colour/shade by increasing or decreasing the ratio of dye to wax, see product photo for reference.
  • Please bear in mind that colours will vary depending on the type of wax and/or fragrance use.
  • Looking to make the colour a bit darker? Add a small piece of our #27 Black Dye Block to your dyed wax.
  • All dyes fade over a period of time. Light colours tend to fade faster than dark colours.
  • We recommend not over-heating dyes in wax. Excessive heat can oxidize the wax and have a deteriorating effect on dyes.

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