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26 oz Clear Textured Glass Jar with Embossed Metal Lid

This gorgeous 26 oz clear textured glass jar featuring an embossed Gold Metal Lid is perfect for candle making, or as a stylish storage jar for you kitchen and bath. The classy, minimal design of this clear glass container will beautifully compliment any room interior while showing off the colours and creativity of your candle. These also work great for packaging products such as kitchen and bath essentials, herbs, bath salts and more!

Product Details

Material: Clear Textured Glass with Metal Lid

Perfect for a Variety of Products Including


Bath Salts

Body Care Products

Packaging Herbs & Spices

Culinary and Bath Essentials 

Technical Information:

Height: 5.5”

Diameter: 4”

Friction Fit Gasket Metal Lid


Wicking Recommendation: X-Large Wood Wick, HTP 1312, Premier 798.  

Note: Due to the large size of this candle container and the many variables that can affect burn, such as fragrance, type of wax and colour used, it may be necessary to choose a smaller wick size and utilize 2 (example 2 x ECO10) or 3 wicks in this jar for optimal burn.  Testing is recommended before making several.

  • Please not that this wick information is only provided to serve as a starting point for making your own candles as choosing the correct type and size of wick is one of the most important steps to a great burning candle. The number of variables including wax type, fragrance level, dye and style of container are all factors that can affect how a candle will burn. Therefore, we always recommend that you individually test a candle before manufacturing several to ensure that you have chosen the correct wick for your candle.

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