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70-450 Metal Rustic Bronze Daisy Cap with Poly/Pulp Liner

70-450 Metal Rustic Bronze Daisy Cap with Poly/Pulp Liner

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Our 70-450 decorative colored daisy lids for Regular Mouth Mason and Jelly Jars add a finishing touch to your aromatherapy and candle creations and helps to make your product the perfect gift for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, showers or any event. The antique and weathered look of the Rustic Bronze color makes it a stylish addition to any homes decor and makes this jar ideal for home organizing and packaging other types of products. Lids are lined with a pulp/poly cardboard liner to help contain scents and keep dry goods from leaking during shipping.  Once ready to use, just remove the liner and the scent from the scented bath salts, candle or aromatherapy product inside will diffuse throughout the room.

Usage Guidelines

Technical Information

  • Neck Size: 70-450
  • Color: Rustic Bronze
  • Style: Metal Daisy Screw Cap
  • Dimensions:
  • Liner: Pulp/Poly Cardboard

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